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About ( MHI )

Almost all of us had spent time searching for a marriage or function hall in the past. This is followed by various services that are required to complete the function successfully. All that is required for completing any function is made available on this website.
The is a repository of advertisements of A to Z amenities सुविधाएं that are required to solemnize the function.

It is the repository or in common term the directory. It is just like an ad in the newspaper and is available for all time. But we keep more details of the advertiser than the newspapers. The advertiser can be traced by the regulatory with the available data. We are more secure for the visitors of our site.
Most of us had received a call from the advertiser once visited their web site or might have received the related messages. The MHI neither makes a call to the visitors visiting nor send any messages. The MHI does not communicate to the advertiser about visitor's access to their ad. It is like reading a newspaper. The site is made for the benefit of visitors/customers. Privacy is ensured at MHI.
We are not using programmatic ads that leverage data to target visitors or a potential buyer and aim at diverting visitor's decisions. Such Programmatic ads send ads to the prospective buyers, text messages, make phone calls etc. It is good for the advertisers to stay away from such bubbles as their legitimacy is under question.

This site is ideal for Hosts and as well as for Guests.
We need to spend time getting the required information either from nearers or on the net. Sometimes most of us forget to recall the contact details, name or couldn't trace it. The details provided on the various sites are not complete. Not getting all at the one web site.
Just sit and visit our site and plan your activities perfectly...than roaming in the city or on the net or forcing your near and dear ones to get the details. Minimise the stress and waiting time to get the right contact details or the right contact location.

We are advertisers and not commission agents. The interested visitor(hosts or guests) has to contact directly to 'space', 'service' & 'sales' (amenities) provider for Marriages or for other Functions. Their contact details and postal addresses along with their other relevant details are provided in this web site.
Those who wish to offer their services for any functions (family, office or social function) should join us as a subscribing member to advertise their services & facilities, halls on our portal.
The Hall owner, Banquets owner, Lawn's owner, Outdoor Parties organisers, Caterers, Band, Transport- Bus, Cars, Baggi /cart, Horse, Security, Wedding cards, Video/Photos, Drones, Power Supply, Cooks, Dress designers, Event managers, Hotels, Dress, Jewellery etc. etc., can display their ads.
The content uploaded by subscribing member will be viewed by us before making it available for the public display. This is to ensure the regulatory compliance that are within the purview of
This web portal is administered by Sopa Enterprises.
By the end of Jun 2024, almost all portions of this web portal will be equipped with ads of the Nagpur city and it will run in flying colours. Those who are hosting or arranging a function need to login and search.

Least Pricing
Members will realize, in a very short period, that their yearly subscription price is almost negligible before the future benefits that they will be gaining. Display plans are Basic/Free (Rs.30/-), 800/-, 3000/-, 4,000/-.   Rs.18k for 15 sec banner ad. Including GST

Targeted Advertising
The few examples of wedding related services that are displayed on our web site are as below---
Marriage Halls, Lawns, Banquets, Farm houses, Resorts & Related Various Sells/Service providers : Catering, Band, Bhangra,Orchestra, Transports- Bus, Cars, Baggi/cart, Horse, Wedding cards, Video/Photos, Drones, Power Supply - Genset, Cooks, Dress designers, Beauticians Hairdressers, Shops, Cloth showroom, Jewellery, Event managers, Celebrities, Security, Security Cameras/digital displays, Marriage certificate supporters, Cook, Pandit/भटजी, Transport & Packaging etc., can place their ads on this portal.

* Hall / Lawn / Banquets(Venue owner's) can show availability dates, Pictures(8nos) & their Features. And can change it at any time.
* Venue and Shop Owner's and Caterer's can show the discount offered. And can change it at any time.
* The contact details, postal address, Google map picture of all Wedding dependent businesses & their relevant information are displayed on this portal.

This site can be reached by typing or or . We also serve e-voting facility for Society, Community, Employee Union, various panel elections etc., through We are available for pre poll / exit poll surveys through

Thank you.

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